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Fall Dream Interpretation Container

Sep 1, 2024 - Nov 25, 2024

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In this Fall Dream Interpretation Container, we will meet one on one, Bi-Weekly for a 3 month container holding space to work with your dreams using my personal method created from my experience in development as a psychic medium. For three months in 6 private one hour sessions, we will work together to interpret the language of your subconscious and unlock the answers your dreams are providing you. I believe that our dreams are symbolic guidance from our subconscious mind - providing us with the wisdom necessary to grow and move forward in our lives. Dreams and psychic insight allow what the spirit innately knows to bypass the ego by way of symbols - this is why dreams appear to be at times, convoluted or random but actually contain the answers and guidance to the evolution of your soul growth. Interpreting your dreams intuitively to receive guidance for your soul growth with a basic foundation of archetypal association and psychic awareness. Symbols are the language of the subconscious. Through decoding our symbols we can host a dialogue between our conscious and subconscious to elevate our awareness, perceptibility, and healing. Here, we can find the answers to the questions we are unable to ask - to receive guidance from our higher mind in acknowledging the self. Our sessions will encompass: - One to one support and guidance in specialized archetypal dream interpretation - A unique method for organizing symbols for dream interpretation - Unlocking your personal psychic frame of reference (the key to your interpretations) - The overarching themes and messages delivered as guidance. - How to work with this practice on a regular basis to provide insight into your subconscious. Requirements: - Keeping a journal for the entire 3 month period, where you will record all your dreams to the best of your ability. - Attendance for each bi-weekly session is mandatory. - A willingness to openly and honestly embrace all aspects of the self.

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