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As a young child, I remember curiously seeing my elementary school teacher's aura against the blackboard.


As a teenager on the night of my grandmother's passing - I had a visitation of her in my dreams, where she showed me her soul moving on to the spirit world - upon waking, her death was confirmed by my mother.


In my late twenties, I walked into a village store and felt the presence of a man in spirit - not knowing how or why, I asked him (in my mind) to have his recipient say the word, "rose" - if I was truly meant to deliver his message - to my amazement, as clear as she spoke the word "rose" right to me, began my lifelong vocation as a psychic medium. This was the validation I needed, and what I hope to share with others.

I connected the pieces together trailing through my life that led me to this path - that the aura was proof of our living spirit body and the awareness of the other world was purely accessible to all by the doorway of stillness or embodied peace.

After refining this gift through years of practice, classes, (therapy) and many precious mentors, I cherish the opportunity in such gratitude to be able to do this work. Every reading I participate in connects me to the spiritual reality that each of our lives have unique purpose, that we are much more than a physical body, and that we are not alone. 

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