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Information for Readings




A psychic reading will provide you with energetic witness and validation to aid in guiding you in your present life. We will focus on your unique human experience while understanding the major themes unfolding before you. In these sessions, I set the intention to bring forward information based on the highest need for your life currently.

Mediumship connects you to the consciousness or essence of your loved ones in spirit. Through evidential validations, messages and acknowledgement, mediumship offers communion with your departed loved ones in the other world.

In order to preserve the integrity of the reading, please do not share any information about yourself prior to the reading.​ 

"As I wander through the dark, encountering difficulties, I am aware of encouraging voices that murmur from the spirit realm. I sense a holy passion pouring down from the springs of Infinity. I thrill to music that pulses of God. Bound to suns and planets by invisible cords, I am conscious of the splendour that binds all things of earth to all things of heaven - immured by silence and darkness, I possess the light which shall give me vision of a thousandfold when death sets me free."

- My Religion, Helen Keller

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